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1. earthplusTM ~concept of a new continuous sanitizing~

"sanitizing" is an operation of destroying bacteria, viruses, mold etc. that have pathogenicity or toxicity, and is done by destruction of the structure, by creating environment where they can't survive using electromagnetic wave (gamma-rays, ultraviolet rays), high temperature, high pressure, medicinal action (medicament, chemicals) etc.

The main purpose of sanitizing is to eliminate pathogen (prevention of infectious diseases), to preserve freshness of foodstuffs etc.

Therefore medicament (chemicals) are being used for sanitizing.

However, medicament (chemicals) are ones for that prompt efficiency is required due to its transitory, if this is insufficient, drug-resistant bacteria easily come to occur.

Also medicament (chemicals) have a lot of cases that show toxicity to living thing, and have a burden to environments due to its liquid state etc., have a lot of practical tasks.

While there exists a mixture of being beneficial and harmful in bacteria etc., and bacteria etc. are not ones that we can confirm easily by visual observation, there lies reality where we have to depend on medicament (chemicals) and coexist with bacteria etc.

Since earthplusTM has continuity, earthplusTM has conspicuous characteristic of a start from clean state or coexistence with bacteria etc. by using together with medicament(chemicals), not letting bacteria etc. activate easily.
There confirmed no toxicity in earthplusTM and exist possibilities of solving the problems that medicament (chemicals) have in their own.

This webpage takes aim at countermeasures against infection, explains of possibilities of earthplusTM for researchers, technical experts.

For persons who are interested in this technology ; contact from inquiry form.

We are ready to provide you with our samples for evaluation of this essential function, wishing for an evaluation by you in order to solve infectious diseases.

2. Social background of infection

(1) infection has been increasing : From hospital acquired infection to community acquired infection
Lots of lawsuits from the cause identification through genetic analysis
Loss of trust of medical facilities
(2) medical costs from infection ($/per person) : Japan 50,444
United States of America 23,111
Germany 43,333
(3) MRSA(methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) surviving duration : Curtains approx. 50 days
Towel/Sheets/White gowns approx. 20 days
(4) Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) : The 4th leading cause of death in the US behind heart disease, cancer and stroke (100,000 people / per year)

3. possibilities of countermeasures against infection

(1) Issues that HA (Healthcare Associated Infection) has in its own

Currently the sanitizing method of drug-resistant bacteria (MRSA etc.) is actually limited within by medicament(chemicals).
However, medicament (chemicals) have a limitation to deal with HAI due to its transitory, drug-resistant bacteria issue, toxicity, liquid state.
Drug-resistant bacteria can be identified by genetic analysis, in Europe and USA its clear to see where the responsibility lies, lots of lawsuits, loss of trust of medical facilities, spread of community acquired infection, are reported.
Drug-resistant bacteria survive more than 1 month in bedding etc., for immunity deficient persons, it can be fatal.

By implementation of DPC system by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan, medical costs from Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI)
are paid out by the hospital’s own pocket.

In Japan, medical costs for infectious diseases : 4,500,000 JPY/per person (in average)1,700 billion JPY in the whole country

(2) Example of clinical test of countermeasures against infectious diseases by using copper alloy (July, 2011 report)

Copper Development Association conducted the first ever clinical test taking 3 facilities and 5 years under the fund from The U.S. Department of Defense upon the EPA approval of copper as sanitizing agent(2008. Feb.28th).
They say contact infection occupies 80 percent of infectious diseases,
the clinical test by using copper alloy into 6 items (as below) in patient rooms was conducted.
6 items : (1) bed rails (2) overbed tray tables (3) chairs (4) call buttons (5) data devices (6) IV poles
The conclusion is that they could prevent HAI by 69% probability. (n=462 ・ P=0.008)

(3) possibilities of countermeasures against infection by earthplusTM

earthplusTM is ceramics compound material, a substance of no confirmation of toxicity.

Also, earthplusTM is available to have treatment into fibres, building materials, metal etc., the first material that has continuous sanitizing.

An evaluation of earthplusTM was conducted by using the protocol for copper sanitizing agent by US EPA with an aim of US EPA acquisition, together with world widely known microbiologist named Prof. Charles P. Gerba, University of Arizona.
The result of the evaluation shows that earthplusTM ranked the same as the copper alloy.
This suggests US EPA acquisition of earthplusTM and effectiveness of countermeasures against infection through a clinical test.
* The paper by Prof.Gerba (co-authorship between Prof. Gerba and us) submitted into USA medical journal, to be presented (2013 Jan.)
* The paper by Prof. Honda, Shinshu University, Faculty of Medicine (co-authorship between Prof. Honda and us) presented already into English language version, medical journal (2012 Nov.)
* A clinical test of by usingearthplusTM towel for countermeasures against infection,into EU medical journal, to be presented 2012 Oct.)

the details of the papers by Prof. Gerba (co-authorship between Prof. Gerba and us)
* In preparation of US EPA application as a new continuous sanitizing agent
* USA patent application (2012 Aug.) from USA
* Participation into medical exhibition in Duesseldorf, Germany (2012 Nov.14 ~)
* to be participated into USA exhibition at Anaheim, USA (2013 Feb.12~)
* A seminar (International Medical Forum) was held by inviting Prof. Gerba at Shinshu University, Medical Faculty (2012 Oct.25th)