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  • While earthplusTM has wide capacity for appication into clothes, food and housing and medical field etc., the current usage is focused on HAIs(Health-care Associated Infections) that is considered extremely serious problem globally and no countermeasures against this.
    In laboratry condition though, regarless of having its drug resistance or not having its drug resistance, in fibre, in film, in water, it is already confirmed that earthplusTM has continuous sanitizing ability towards ;
    (1) Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC)
    (2) MRSA
    (3) Feline Calicivirus (FCV)( Norovirus )
    (4) Influenza virus
    (5) Multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    (6) Legionella
    (7) Candida albicans
    (8) Klebsiella pneumoniae
    (9) Drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    etc.except for Bacillus subtilis etc
    About "continuous sanitizing" : the term is used in the papers by Prof. Charles P.Gerba, University of Arizona(Tucson, AZ)USA upon evaluation results and examinations that were done by him, and does not guarantee function s of earthplusTM products.
  • earthplusTM : point of view by Shinshu Ceramics Co.,Ltd.

    1. About TiO2 in earthplusTM : rutile (crystal form) that has no catalytic activity is used instead of using anatase (crystal form) that has catalytic activity.
    2. earthplusTM demonstrates its sanitizing effect in indoor environment with no need of specific UV light.
    3. earthplusTM decomposes organic matter such as bacteria, virus, but does not decompose organic matter such as paint, fibre etc.
    4. earthplusTM has no cofirmation of correlation between radical and sanitizing effect.

    With the above, we are with this understanding that earthplusTM has dissimilarity from photocatalysis. About fuctions and effects of earthplusTM, they are under evaluating process with the related organs.

  • According to the difinition from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Japan), giving the patent damage through negligence (negligence of paying attention that is required for when giving medical treatment such as wrong administration, infection by imcomplete hygiene management etc.), of medical personnel such as doctors, nurses etc.
    Both in Japan and overseas, problems from this medical malpractice have gotton more serious, and are on the increase and on how to solve out These problems, people find hard to handle carrying difficult problems while everybody acknowledges the necessity of countermeasures.
  • Social bakground of why lawsuits from medical malpractice have been increased
    (1)Improvement of medical technology, increase of expectation that patients hold, development of medical technology have brought increase of risk.
    (2)Systematization of medical, alienation of patients, through into larger scale / systematization / into division of labour direction / into higher grade, a tendency that dignity of human is thought little of is observed.
    (3)Financial difficulties that hospitals hold
    (4)Influence from mass media
    (5)Decline of "demigod with white gowns on"
    (6)Juridically the degree of compensation for damages has gotten stronger. ; In case of contracted by infection through drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA etc., through genetic analysis, the place, the person(s) can be identified and the source of the responsitilities can be clarified.
  • It's definitely considered the degree of responsibilities of doctors / hospitals would be stronger in Japan.
    cited from excerpt of paper by senior researcher Mr.Tomohide Sunagawa, Sompo Japan Research Institute

  • While Hospital Acquired Infection means to contract by infection while having medical treatment at hospital, in recent years medical sites are not only limited within hospitals but also expanded to such as home care, nursing homes etc. From the above reality, now the term , HAI (Healthcare-Associated Infection) has been used from the former Hospital Acquired Infection.
    In short, HAI means to contract by infection through problematic bacteria, virus etc. while receiving medical treatment at all of those sites where associated with medical,such as at hospital, nursing home, home care.

  • US EPA means United States Environmental Protection Agency. US EPA is an organization that is equivalent to Japan's Ministry of Environme nt, and an administrative ogran where USA's environmental policies are handled.
    Approval of antimicrobial (antibacter ial) and so forth belongs to US EPA, and in order to use chemicals that are considered to affect human health, ecological system, are obliged to be registered by US EPA. These are regulated by FIFRA(Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), the safety of chemicals and evaluation of environmental risk are secured by high level of safety standard as well as FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
    EPA registation does not result in individual (enterprise) right unlike FDA.

  • General term of substance that shows catalytic action through photoirradiation. Titanium Oxide that has anatate in crystal form is known as it's representative. Photocatalysis fails to distinguish organism such as bacteria / virus from organism such as paint / fibre, and with no ultraviolet rays presence, can't generate its effect. Therefore photocatalysis tends to carry lack of practicability.
    Photosemiconductor ceramics that have TiO2 as its representative, by supporting platinum electrode etc., excite electron effectively through light. By utilizing this light energy conversion function, i. e. photocatalytic function, it's possible to decompose water, organism etc. and this is well known as "Honda-Fujishima effect".
    The purpose of this technoogy was grounded to decompose water through sunlight and to generate clean enegery. However, while we have been facing recently a lot of environments-related, health-related problems, it is considered this technology can cope with those and it has been re-considered. Concretely, utlilizing this technology for bacteria, virus, mold, NOx-SOx, sphagnum moss, anti-fouling, deodorazation is expected.
    The important factots in properties that photocatalysis is required for are such as well-balanced oxidization, life of electron, life of hole, mobility, catalytic ability of surface (ultrafinepowder), stability in solution etc.
    In the state of ultrafinepowder with platinum supported, there has been a problem with its availability and economical viewpoint. Therefore, coating method matters while sustaining these photocatalytic functions.

  • Metallic silver does not own sanitizing effect and by its ionization, sanitizing effect takes place finally. In the meanwhile advance of nano technology allowed metallic silver to get refined into 1~2 nano in size and this brought out sanitizing effect, and it's called nano silver. While toxicity to fish has been problematic, this talks about nano silver, silver ion after all, this does not belong to so-called metallic silver.
    Silver that is used in earthplusTM is metallic silver with scores of micron and this silver has nothing to do with sanitizing. It's confirmed that with this silver powder only, bacteria do not die out.

  • To achieve sanitizing, there are only these methods such as by high temperature / high pressure / electromagneticwave. Chemicals (medicament) are characteristic of having toxicity / letting drug-resistant bacteria occur / being as liquid / having transitory property / having immediate effectivity. The reason of why chemicals (medicament) require this immediate effectivity can be comprehended due to not owning continual effectivity.
    In the meanwhile, earthplusTM is ceramics compound that is approved as food additive and is a substance in that toxicity is not confirmed. Also, the first ever material that is capable of continual sanitizing. earthplusTM holds expectation of being utlilized into fibre / building materials / water / air, so forth and of being played as a role of "total solution" for countermeasures against infection. earthplusTM holds expectation of being utilized into fibre / building materials / water / air, so forth and of being developed into business for purification of indoor envornments.

  • Since chemicals (medicaments) are ones that fails to be used all the time around us, there is no clinical conduct example in a practical sense in the world. There is only an example of using copper that's associated with US DoD (United States Department of Difense) with lacking of practicability. (2011 July)
    According to the above, to (1) bed rail (2) overbed tray table (3) chair (4) call button (5) data device (6) IV pole, in the patient rooms, copper treatment was done and they published in the preliminary results 69.1% fewer infection was shown.
    出典元:19th Annual Health Forum And American Hospital Association Leadership Summit,July 17-19,2011,San Diego, CA

  • Almost all of chemical elements on periodic table are measureable simultaneously, the measured element can be measured with with ng/L (ppt) concentration degree.

  • Apatite is a general term of crystal chemical compounds that have elemental composition of M10(ZO4)6X2 and is derived from "apate" in Greek, which means "deceive", "delude", and "M" of M10(ZO4)6X2 contains Ca (Calcium) or Mg (Magnesium) , "Z" of M10(ZO4)6X2 contains P (Phosphorus) or Si (Silicon) , "X" of M10(ZO4)6X2 contains OH or F (Fluorine), there exist many chemical compounds that have similar composition by those combinaions. With this reason, they say many scientists were deluded and thus, the naming "apatite".
    Among those, Hydroxyapatite contains calcium and phosphorus, is a major ingredient of bones and teeth. In Japanese expression as "rinkaiseki (燐灰石)", "rin" means phosphoric acid, "kai" means calcium.

  • The Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) is a case-mix system, which is similar to the Diagnosis-related Groups (DRGs) used in Medicare in the United States(cited from : As of 2012, it amounts 1,505 hospitals, and this occupies 53.3% (480,000) out of the whole general sickbed number (approx. 900,000).
    —Under DPC/PDPS, except for 1 disease per 1 hospitalization, the medical costs are to be burdend by the hospital.
    —DPC/PDPS can be initiating agent to assist countermeasures against HAI (Healthcare-Associated Infection).
  • Example of loss calculation over HAI —Healthcare-Associated Infection— (calculated by Mr.Tetsu Kimura / National Center for Global Health and Medicine, NCGM)
    Extra medical costs : total amount : 1.7 trillion JPY (17 billion USD) are consumed in Japan on HAI issue. Together with loss from worsening of efficiency of treating patients , it leads to loss of trust that hospital has to carry with.
    From the comparision between DPC and piecework payment (payment at piece rates) , DPC amounts less approx. 1,500,000 JPY (approx. 16, 130 USD. converted as 1USD : 93JPY) (calculated by Prof.Jun Takezawa, Nagoya University Hospital, emegency dept.)

  • Authoritative, practical institute where contributes to hominal physiology on clothing, to environmental conservation.
    Also doing a research of safety of residual harmful substances after cleaning.
    Established in 1946. The headquarter : Boennigheim, Germany.
    Website :