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What is earthplusTM ?

raw material (ingredient) of earthplusTM
(ceramics compound pulverized state)

earthplusTM is a ceramic composite material (of Titanium Oxide, Hydroxyapatite, Silver (metal) that was developed by Shinshu Ceramics.
earthplusTM consists of ingredients that are approved as a food additive, is a technology of absorbing and decomposing proteins such as bacteria, viruses, allergens etc., and odors through a chemical reaction.
The effectiveness of earthplusTM has been presented in medical journals in English language, has gained internationally high reputation.
mechanism of adsorption and decomposition

1. supplement of transitory problem that medicament(chemicals) have

earthplusTM has no prompt efficiency like sanitizing by medicament(chemicals). By using earthplusTM together with medicament(chemicals), supplement a problem of continuity that medicament(chemicals) have.
earthplusTM improves the quality of medical environment, with no burden to the environment, earthplusTM is capable of decreasing problems that we have with bacteria, viruses.

2. Having continuity

(1) example of paint type ( for general purpose )

Evaluation of continuity of earthplusTM by dipping treatment into fibres.
fibres that were used : T/C(4/6) Tetron Cotton
Weight per area : 140g/m2
Test method : according to JIS L 1902
bacteria that were used as text body : Staphylcoccus aureus
evaluation result : 2nd March 2001 incorporation foundation Japan Food Research Laboratories No. 301020123-001
evaluation of launderability of fibres
measurement samples total viable bacteria count per one sample bacteriostasis
activity value
average value
right after inoculation 2.2 x 10^4 2.5 x 10^4 1.9 x 10^4 2.2 x 10^4 ---
home laundry 0 <20 <20 <20 <20 >5.3
home laundry 50 1.8 x 10^2 1.4 x 10^2 2.5 x 10^2 1.9 x 10^2 4.3
home laundry 100 2.1 x 10^2 50 1.7 x 10^2 1.4 x 10^2 4.5
control 2.5 x 10^6 1.3 x 10^6 8.8 x 10^6 4.2 x 10^6 ---
<20 : were not detected
control : standard cotton white cloth 
solution that was used to adjust bacterial suspension : shows continuous sanitizing function after 100 times laundry on fibres of 1/20NB culture medium

(2) example of melt type ( high level of functionality )

earthplusTM is not one that acts through beginning to dissolve in water.
earthplusTM is a new material that ceramics that are approved as a food additive, are compounded.
Continuance is conspicuous characteristic of earthplusTM (applied for international patent).
Evaluation of continuous sanitizing of earthplusTM in water
Continuous charging of Escherichia coli for 147 days

----- control ----- earthplusTM
We did put earthplusTM into 1 liter of water, we continued putting 1,000,000 of Escherichia coli into it every day for 147 days. Escherichia coli were not detected in every 24 hours inspection.

3. being as ceramics composite material

earthplusTM is capable of controlling bacteria, viruses in the living environment and of not decomposing paint, fibres etc.
earthplusTM uses silver (in the form of metal), the degree of elution of silver is confirmed as only a few ppb by ICP-MS, in ultrapure water, 120 hours dipping 
Also, a safety of earthplusTM is confirmed through a successive generations breeding of Oryzias latipes ( Killifish ) and a growth of from the parent fish to the young fish.

4. meaning of earthplusTM

earthplusTM means “technology for tuning nature and environment, sustainable technology.
20th century has been one where the living environments ( water, air ) have been in safety and controlled comfortably through the benefit of medicament(chemicals).
On the other hand, drug-resistant bacteria occurred through the medicament(chemicals), furthermore the higher degree of dependence on medicament(chemicals) gives a burden to environment and human, environmental damage, spread of infection are starting to spread while we do not recognize.