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Charles P.Gerba, Ph.D
world-widely recognized environmental microbiologist of University of Arizona(Tucson,AZ)
earthplusTM has demonstrated practical application in controlling bacteria and viruses on treated surfaces in both the laboratory and home.”
International Medical Forum 2012.10.25 in Nagano : Lecture of Charles P.Gerba, Ph.D

An Introduction to a New Material for Continuous Sanitizing and Significance of EPA Registration

Charles P. Gerba, University of Arizona
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Inanimate objects or fomites are believed to play a significant role in transmission of infectious diseases in indoor environments (homes, schools, health care facilities, etc.).
Currently available disinfection methods do not offer long lasting activity and must be reapplied on a regular basis. Self-sanitizing surfaces are considered a new approach that provides long lasting capabilities for the killing / inactivation of disease and odor causing microorganisms. Recently the United States Environmental Protection Agency has allowed the registration of “Self-sanitizing surfaces”. This requires a surface to kill/inactivate microorganisms by 99.9% within two hours. Currently the only registered product under this claim is the metal copper. We have tested earthplusTM treated surfaces against MRSA, and the virus MS-2 and found all the organisms to be killed/inactivated within two hours. Thus, earthplusTM meets the current requirements to be classified as a “Self-sanitizing surface”. We have also found that earthplusTM treated bathroom hand towels are also effective in greatly reducing the numbers of bacteria and eliminating coliform and bacteria in household hand towels when they are provided to consumers.

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