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3. safety evaluation > (6) Primary Irritant Property Test on rabbit skin

Test Substance earthplusTM Coated fabric
Consigner: Shinshu Ceramics CO., Ltd
Re: 397050222-002 13/05/1997
Japan Food Analysis Center Foundation Tokyo Head Office
Test Item : Primary Irritant Property Test on rabbit skin

Use Hybrid earthplusTM coated towel as an inspection body to test on the skin primary irritant property. The test is conformed to OECD scientific physical poisonous test guide (1981).
Intact or possession scar skin of 3 rabbits respectively for 4 hours and observe the progress. No irritant property found on rabbit’s skin.

1: Test method
Shave the back trunk of the selected 3 rabbits 24 hours before testing.
After the weight measuring, set 4 places in the area of approximately 6cm2. Scratch two area of cornfield layer (faultless skin parts) and others keep faultless condition (flawed skin parts).
The inspection body was judged in approximately 2cm X 3cm and dampens the shirring surface with 0.5ml of purified water. Stick one piece on one of faultless skin part and one on flawed skin part with plaster (Made by Nikkyoku). To stick with test substance and skin, use the surgical tape (made of 3M).
Exposure time is 4 hours. Take off the test substance and clean the exposure side with pure water.
After removing the test substance, observe the tested skin after 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours. Judge the Irritant property followed by Chart-1 to execute the level of skin irritation.

2: Test Result (Chart -2 and Chart -3)
The result is no irritant property found on three rabbits' skin.