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3. safety evaluation > (5) Examination of the stimulus characteristic presence

earthplusTM Examination of the stimulus characteristic presence
To Shinshu Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
04/12/2002 Re.No.14047
Public Interest Incorporated Association :
The Japan Hair Scientific Association
Chairman: Dr.Yasushi Watanabe
1: Purpose
Examination of the stimulus characteristic presence for the skin of the healthy person

2: Sample
earthplusTM fabric(cloth)

3: Test method
Test subject : 12 men and 13 women, Total 25
Age from 27 to 61 years old
(1) Size of fabric(cloth): 10 X 10mm
(2) Test method: Using the small piece of 10X 10mm and the tape of
fin chamber (EPITEST Ltd.Oy production), onto around the upper arm
bending inner side section, the above 2 were stuck in a blockade method
for 48 hours and the result was evaluated.
i.e. after the above sticking of 48 hours, the sample was removed and
(1) after 1 hour (2) after 24 hours, the state of the respective skin was
observed and the judgment was delivered.

4: Test Result
The result of the patch test to the 25 test subjects is shown in the attached table.
i.e. after the sample removal, the above (1) (: after 1 hour)(in the attached table , shown as judgment time 48 hours), the reaction was entirely all negative. Also, the reaction of the above (2) (: after 24 hours)( in the attached table, shown as judgment time 72 hours) was entirely all negative and abnormality was not recognized.

5: Conclusion
As for the result of the patch test which is executed on the basis of the request of your company : as described above, and as for the sample which is submitted <earthplusTM fabric (cloth) > it is considered
that this product has a mild possibility of causing the stimulus reaction.

I hereby confirm that this material is compiled upon the basis of the test result
I conducted.
Dr.Keishi Nagashima
医師 永島敬士