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3. safety evaluation > (3) Oral Acute Toxicity Test on mice

earthplusTM Oral Acute Toxicity Test on mice
[Test Re:9L384]
Consigner: Shinshu Ceramics Co.,Ltd
Tested by: Mitsubishi Chemical Safety Science Institute
Study director: Mr.Hiroyuki Ishii
Test purpose: oral administration of earthplusTM to the mice and observation of the acute toxicity
Result & speculation
1, Death : The mortality is zero during the observation period
2, General Condition : Could not find abnormal case during the observation period
3, Weight : All the mice gain weight normally
4, Autopsy report : Could not find any abnormal case from the dissection
5, Speculation :
To observe oral acute toxicity of earthplusTM, 2000mg/kg of earthplusTM was administrated to male / female mice. The result was that no mouse was dying and they did gain weight normally. It was not found any abnormal case from the general condition and the dissection.
Therefore, the least fatal dose(LDLo value) of earthplusTM is more than 2000mg/kg under the test condition.